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1. Cookin' With Friends (Solos: David Toby, Alex Foster, Jon Faddis)
2. Blue Encounter (Solos: Denise Palmer on alto saxophone)
3. Flamenco de Funk (Solos: Clayton Englar, Denise Palmer ( flute,) david Burton, and Jim Hilbun)
4. Woody's Whistle (Solos: Tom Barnard, Jim Hilbun, Mike Otes, David Toby)
5. Black and Blue (Solos: Tom Barnard, Jeff Winfield, Jon Faddis)
6. Stella by Starlight (George Duke-piano, Jim Dukey-alto sax, Chris Poehler-bass, Jim Zimmerman-drums)
7. 555 Feet High (Solos: Shirley Rogers, Loren Concil, Allen Grissette)
8. 4:30 A.M. (Solos: Shirley Rogers, Terry Hughes)
9. Jazz Counter (Solos: Shirley Rogers, Jim Dukey, Ken Hieges, Chris Poehler, Ron Rose)
10. I Remember Clifford (Solos: Ken Hieges, Shirley Rogers, Carl Leach, Jim Dukey)
11. Allemande (Bill Holman) (Solos: Mark Kimball, Ron Rose)
12. The Quota (Sextet: Carl Leach, Ray Keller, Steve Clausen, Chris Soder, Ron Rogers, Jack King)
13. Rainy Day (Soloist, Pat Huston)
14. Eassy (Solos: Becky Barnard, Jim Gammon, Doug Hansen, Bob Fairbanks)
15. Moments Notice (Solo: Mel Martain)

Eleven Years of Outstanding Service
Bob Soder has been a life long resident of the San Francisco Bay Area. He developed his musical interest at an early age and it is this same interest he claims has given him success as a musician, teacher and composer. After gaining a great deal of musical experience in high school such as; organizing his own band and writing his first musical pieces, he attended San Francisco State College. His other studies included composition studies with Wendell Otey, William Ward, and Darius Milhaud.

With all this background and talent, his desire to teach became a reality. Since 1955 he has been inspiring music students at Pleasant Hill High School. Being that Mr. Soder's main concern is jazz, his attempts to aid students in this musical direction have been most rewarding. His first student jazz band at Pleasant Hill High School was in 1955. Since then, the Pleasant Hill High School Concert Jazz Band has been climbing ever upward in musical achievement. Mr. Soder has also benefited in his own right by his increased number of published works coming-out every year. His total now numbering 14 publications.

This album is a tribute to the fine bands and young musicians that have created moments of musical success, and to the man that made it all possible.

10 Years
For the past ten years, Pleasant Hill High School's Jazz Band has presented an annual record album. Mr. Soder, director, has inspired many talented students. Through his efforts the band has become widely publicized; including a television appearance in 1968. This year for your double enjoyment--the annual "Jazz Trac" will include one album containing recordings from Jazz Tracs one through nine, plus the new sounds of Jazz Trac Ten.

Side 1
Jazz Trac Ten
The first three selections were written by Bob Soder, director. "Cookin' With Friends" starts-off with a blues piano solo by David Toby and an alto sax solo by Alex Foster. The build-up is a shout chorus backing Jon Faddis on trumpet. "Blue Encounter" features Denise Palmer on alto saxophone. On the Latin side; "Flamenco de Funk" begins with a hearty baritone sax solo by Clayton Englar. Also Denise Palmer on flute, David Burton on piano, and Jim Hilbun on alto sax.

Side 2
Jazz Trac Ten
The band borrowed "Woody's Whistle" by Nat Pierce, from Woody Herman's band. Soloists include: Tom Barnard, Jim Hilbun, Mike Otes, and David Toby. "Black and Blue" is a Mat Schon tune, with a muted trumpet solo by Tom Barnard, piano solo by Jeff Winfield and a jazz trumpet solo by Jon Faddis. "The New Arrival" was the group featured as guest soloists at the 11th Annual Jazz Concert. The group includes: George Duke-piano, Jim Dukey-alto sax, Chris Poehler-bass, and Jim Zimmerman-drums. Jim Dukey arranged the standard, "Stella by Starlight" for the band and quartet as complete ensemble.

Side 3
JAZZ TRAC ONE: "555 Feet High" by Bill Potts, 1960. Arranged by Bob Soder. Soloists: Shirley Rogers, piano; Loren Concil, alto sax; Allen Grissette, drums.
JAZZ TRAC TWO: "4:30 A.M." by Bob Soder, 1961. Soloists: Shirley Rogers, piano; Terry Hughes, alto sax.
JAZZ TRAC THREE: "Jazz Counter" by Bob Soder, 1962. Soloists: Shirley Rogers piano; Jim Dukey, alto sax; Ken Heiges, drums; Chris Poehler, bass; Ron Rose, trumpet.
JAZZ TRAC FOUR: "I Remember Clifford" by Benny Golsen. Soloists: Ken Heiges, vibes; Shirley Rogers, piano; Carl Leach, trumpet; Jim Dukey, alto sax.
JAZZ TRAC FIVE: "Allemande" by Bob Soder, 1964. Featuring: Ray Keller, Carl Leach, Chris Soder, Ron Rogers, Bill Patterson, Larry Carthen, Tom Webster.

Side 4
JAZZ TRAC SIX: "The Quota" by Jimmy Heath, 1965. Sextet: Carl Leach, trumpet; Ray Keller, tenor sax; Steve Clausen, trombone; Chris Soder, piano; Ron Rogers, bass; Jack King, drums.
JAZZ TRAC SEVEN: "Rainy Day" Arranged by Don Piestrip, 1966. Featuring guest soloist Pat Huston on trumpet.
JAZZ TRAC EIGHT: "Eassy" by Bob Soder, 1967. Soloists: Becky Barnard, alto sax and flute; Jim Gammon, trumpet; Doug Hansen, tenor sax; Bob Fairbanks, bass.
JAZZ TRAC NINE: "Moments Notice" by John Coltrane, 1968. Features guest soloist Mel Martin on tenor sax.

Jazz Trac Ten
Students performing in the 11th Annual Jazz Concert.
Alto Saxophone & Flute: Denise Palmer
Alto Saxophone & Clarinet: Alex Foster
Tenor & Alto Saxophone: Calvin Rouse
Tenor Saxophone & Clarinet: Alicia Hornbeck
Alto Saxophone: Mark O'Neal
Tenor & Alto Saxophone: Jim Hilbun
Baritone Saxophone: Clayton Englar
Trumpets: Jon Faddis, Mike Oles
Trumpets: Jon Faddis
Mike Oles
Tom Barnard
Gregg Lee
Trombones: Phil Able
Karl Huber
Brad Peterson
Bass Trombone: Frank Runkel
Piano: Jeff Winfield
David Toby
David Burton
Bass: Chris Glazier
Drums: John Hofacre
Jeff Corcorran
Director: Bob Soder
Student Leader: Denise Palmer

Liner Notes Denise Palmer
Album Design Jeff Winfield
Photography Bob Broman
Director of Engineering Duke McLane
Technical Production Broadcast Recorder

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