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IN 1962 - precise date unknown



An American musician, who with two companions swept the world with their folk music and ballads, has arrived in Sydney.

Musician is in Australia as a tourist . (Dave and Greticen Guard) - image courtesy of the Brisbane Telegraph.
He is David Guard, until recently leader of the Kingston Trio. He is pictured at Sydney airport with his wife, Gretchen.

Now he has left the Kingston Trio to form a new group.

The break was caused by "musical differences," Guard said.

Before he begins work in earnest, he is holidaying in Australia.

"I fell in love with Australia when we performed here last year," he said.

"I wanted Gretchen to see what a wonderful country you have. "But no work this trip - I'm strictly a tourist".

The Guards have two children at home - Katherine 4, and Tom 2.

-- THANK YOU to Australian Trio fan Ken Bradshaw for sharing his
transcript and scans of the foregoing article for our reading enjoyment.

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