Dave Guard

b. October 19, 1934 / Honolulu, HI
d. March 22, 1991 / Rollingsford, NH

Member: 1957-1961

Dave Guard Articles & Biographys:

10. Obituary of Dave Guard from the New York Times, March, 1991.
9. Transcript of a radio interview with Dave Guard from 1987.
8. The Kingston Trio – Together Again?” — An article from the San Francisco Chronicle, May 25. 1976.
7. Swinging Folkies Meet At Dave’s Place” — An article from TV Times magazine (Australia) of September 39, 1965.
6. Tom Dooley Picks Up His Guitar Again” — An article from Everybody’s magazine (Australia) of June 30, 1965.
5. See Dave Guard’s family home, Whale Beach, Australia.
4. Musician is in Australia As a tourist” — An Australian (Brisbane Telegraph) news clipping from 1962.
3. Before acquiring his trademark Vega long-neck banjo, Dave Guard played a Stewart banjo.
2. Dave Guard Bio from the liner notes of the “Guard Years” CD collection from Bear Family Records.
1. A biography from THE KINGSTON TRIO souvenier book (program, c. 1960.)
Songs written by Dave Guard: Song Title
1. All My Sorrows (with Bob Shane & Nick Reynolds)
2. Banua (Traditional (Arr by Dave Guard))
3. Bay Of Mexico (Traditional (Arr by Dave & Gretchen Guard))
4. Blow Ye Winds
5. Bonnie Hielan’ Laddie (with Joe Hickerson)
6. Buddy Better Get On Down The Line (with Jane Bowers)
7. Bye Bye Thou Little Tiny Child
8. Coast of California (with Jane Bowers)
9. Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies (with Gretchen Guard)
10. Coplas (Traditional (Arr by Dave Guard))
11. Corey Corey (with Bob Shane & Nick Reynolds)
12. Coventry Carol (Bye Bye Thou Little Tiny Child)
13. Dodi Li (with Bob Shane & Nick Reynolds)
14. Don’t Weep Mary (with Bob Shane & Nick Reynolds)
15. Dorie’ (with Bob Shane & Nick Reynolds)
16. Farewell Adelita (with Bob Shane & Nick Reynolds)
17. Getaway John *
18. Go Where I Send Thee (with Bob Shane & Nick Reynolds)
19. Goober Peas
20. Gue’ Gue (with Bob Shane & Nick Reynolds)
21. Haul Away
22. The Hunter (with Bob Shane & Nick Reynolds)
23. Little Maggie
24. Oh, Cindy (with Bob ShaneNick Reynolds & Frank Werber)
25. Oh, Yes, Oh (with Gretchen Guard)
26. Pay Me Money Down
27. Sail Away Ladies
28. Scotch and Soda
29. Senora (with Jane Bowers)
30. Sing We Noel
31. Santy Anno
32. Somerset Glouchestershire Wasail (with Erich Schwandt)
33. Three Jolly Coachmen
34. When I Was Young (with Jane Bowers)
35. When The Saints Go Marching In (Traditional, Arr. by Dave Guard)
36. With You My Johnny (with Bob Shane & Nick Reynolds)
37. You’re Gonna Miss Me (with Mike SeegerTom Paley & John Cohen)
38. You Don’t Knock
39. A Worried Man (with Tom Glazer)

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