Bill Loughborough

b. January 3, 1926 / Place Unknown

Musician  / Songwriter

 Bill Loborough's web page can be found at: 

The following was received at the LINER NOTES by e-mail 12-12-2000:

In the Kingston Trio space my biography shows no date of birth. It's January 3, 1926 . . .

. . . I wrote the lyrics to Coo Coo U (Which is actually "Coocoo You" and (less notably) "World's Last Authentic Playboys" which was also recorded by the Whiskey Hill Singers.

Actually my most enduring lyric is "Better Than Anything" which was recorded by lots of people, the most successful were Al Jarreau and Tuck & Patti (although Irene Kral and Sheila Jordan made the best versions for my taste - almost as good as Bob Dorough's). With the latter I wrote "Whatever Happened to Love Songs" which is on his "Right on My Way Home" CD.

Thanks for evoking some nostalgia.

SIGNAGE FOR THE BLIND Four position papers on the philosophy of Remote Infrared Signage written by Talking Signs co-inventor Bill Loughborough.

Songs Credited to
Bill Loughborough
Song Title
1. Better Than Anything (with David "Buck" Wheat) BMI
2. Coo-Coo-U (with David "Buck" Wheat) BMI

For more detail on Coo-Coo-U, read this ECHO magazine (1960) background article on the song.

3. Goin' To California (with David "Buck" Wheat) BMI
4. What Ever Happened To Love Songs (with Bob Dorough) BMI
5. Worlds Last Authentic Playboys (with David "Buck" Wheat) BMI


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