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(Capitol T/ST-1474)

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Capitol T/ST-1474
LABEL: Capitol Record Company
  LP 4-Trk 8-Trk R to R Cass. CD
FORMAT(S) RELEASED: Yes ? ? Yes ? Yes*
CATALOGUE #: T/ST-1474 ? ? N/A ? CDP 7 96836 2
SESSION DATE(S): October 3, 4 and 5, 1960
DATE OF FIRST RELEASE / THIS RELEASE: January 30, 1961 (LP) / January 30, 1961 (LP)
The following page is a recreation of the liner notes and album art as was presented on the back of the Kingston Trio's album, MAKE WAY.

* MAKE WAY was released with other material by Capitol Records on CD, in 1992, as part of the two-album offering "Make Way / Going Places" (CDP 7 96836 2) and the Bear Family "The Guard Years" (BCD 16060 JK)


En El Agua * Come All You Fair And Tender Ladies * A Jug of Punch * Bonny Hielan' Laddie * Utawena * Hard Travelin' * Hangman * Speckled Roan * The River Is Wide * Oh, Yes, Oh * Blow The Candle Out * Blue Eyed Gal


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