Treasure Chest

(Folk Era Records)

(FE 2052 CD)

Blue Tattoo * Adieu To My Island * Sea Fever * Sail Away Ladies * Scarlet Ribbons * Oh, Mary (Don't You Weep) * World's Last Authentic Playboys * Ruby Red * Home from the Hill * Sally * Oh Cindy * The Wines Of Madeira * Golden Spike * Green Grasses *

TREASURE CHEST is a compilation of the Dave Guard Kingston Trio songs drawn from the REDISCOVER (FE2001) and HIDDEN TREASURES (FE2036) vinyl albums. There are some songs you'll immediately recognize such as SCARLET RIBBONS, OH CINDY, TOM DOOLEY's flip side, RUBY RED, and the spiritual classic OH MARY The real treat for Kingston Trio fans will be the songs that were previously unreleased until the REDISCOVER album. These include BLUE TATTOO, ADIEU TO MY ISLAND, SEA FEVER, WINES OF MADEIRA and the classic ballad of early American railroading, GOLDEN SPIKE.

The remainder of TREASURE CHEST is taken from the flip sides of Trio hit songs or Extended Play 33 rpm vinyl discs (EPs). Among these are SALLY, a rollicking ballad about unrequited love, SAIL AWAY LADIES, an up tempo pre-rock effort by the boys and HOME FROM THE HILL, which lets you take a look at a Trio single before and after it was adorned with extensive orchestration. This is a really beautiful song that features Bob Shane's young voice at its best. BLUE TATTOO, SCARLET RIBBONS and the orchestrated version of HOME FROM THE HILL were only recorded in mono. FOLK ERA engineers added a stereo synthesizer to give these songs added depth. The device used is similar to Capitol's earlier Duophonic recordings, but today's technology has improved this technique to the point where the song actually seems to be in stereo.

WORLD'S LAST AUTHENTIC PLAYBOYS was a song that Capitol Records executives felt diminished their clean-cut, college-boy image. It was left unreleased until Dave Guard left the Trio in August of 1961 and formed his own group, the WHISKEYHILL SINGERS, and they recorded it on their first Capitol album.

The Kingston Trio was a bit of an oddity in the early sixties recording world. They were the first major re-cording attraction to actually sell more albums than singles. This left many songs in what Trio leader Dave Guard calls "the polishing stage" which meant that the Trio did not consider them to be completely finished in a recording sense. However, Capitol executives must have taken a different view of this material, and released them on either 45s or EPs in their original from. Whether or not some of these songs were actually completed is irrelevant. They are examples of the early Trio at its finest! The energy and power that one came to expect form the group is present on every tune. There is also an historic note here, in that you can hear the group grow both vocally and instrumentally from the earliest recording (BLUE TATTOO) through their last together on this album (GOLDEN SPIKE).

When Dave Guard announced his intention to leave the group, a search was begun to find a new member Many candidates were considered, but the choice was narrowed to a young singer named John Stewart whom the Trio had worked with pre-viously as an arranger/composer (GREEN GRASSES, MOLLY DEE). He submitted an audition tape re-corded at Capitol Records, which FOLK ERA feels was one of his finest efforts. It is included in this collection as both a tribute to an excellent performer, and as a bridge between two eras of the Kingston Trio.

When you listen to TREASURE CHEST, we feel you'll agree that the Trio was a major factor in shaping American popular music. Their influence can still be felt today. These hidden treasures are now available for the first time on Compact Disc. You'll marvel at the vibrancy and excitement that the Trio wove into every song and arrangement. Whether or not you've listened to any of these songs before, a quick reminder will convince you that it is time for these treasures to be heard once again!

The Compact Disc Digital Audio System offers the best possible sound reproduction - on a small. convenient sound-Carrie, unit. The Compact Disc's Superior Performance is the result of laser-optical scanning Combined with digital play-back, and is independent of the technology used in making the original recording. This recording technology is identified on the back cover by a three-letter code:

DDD digital tape recorder used during session recording, mixing and/or editing. and mastering transcription).

ADD analog tape recorder used during session recording, digital tape recorder used during subsequent mixing and/or editing and during mastering (transcription).

AAD analog tape recorder used during session recording and subsequent mixing and/or editing, digital tape recorder used during mastering (transcription).

In storing and handling the Compact disc, you should apply the same care as with conventional records, No further cleaning will be necessary if the Compact disc is always handled by the edges and is replaced in its case directly after playing. Should the Compact disc become soiled by fingerprints, dust or dirt, it can be wiped (always in a straight line, from center to edge) with a clean and lint-free, soft dry cloth. No solvent of abrasive Cleaner should ever be used on the disc.

If you follow these suggestions, the Compact Disc will provide a lifetime of pure listening enjoyment,

Produced for Folk Era Productions Inc.,
by Steve Fiott, Allen Shaw
Recorded at Capitol Records, 1958/1961
Original Producer: Voyle Gilmore
Original Engineer: William D. (Pete) Abbott
Mixed and remixed at Capitol Records, Hollywood, CA: May, 1986
Engineers: Stove Flott, Jay Ranollucci

Digital Mastering at NORTHEASTERN DIGITAL RECORDING, Shrewsbury. MA
Digital Engineer: Toby Mountain

Manufactured and marketed by FOLK ERA PRODUCTIONS INC., COMPACT
6 So. 230 Cohasset Rd., Naperville, IL 06540

GRAPHIC DESIGN BY: Ron's Art Unlimited, Nashua, NH

All rights reserved. Any unauthorized duplication is strictly forbidden.
(p) Capitol Records 1987 Folk Era Productions Inc


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