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CD Reissue: Collectors' Choice Music, #16 / Sunny Side (1999,) is one of four CDs in the "Two Classic Albums" series of reissues of the eight Kingston Trio premiere LP releases of Stewart era material.
In 1999, all of the tracks from #16 were also included in "
The Stewart Years" 10-CD box set from Bear Family Records.
LP Reissue: #16 remained in general release in various forms around the world for many years. 

Recording Sessions: N/A
Original Release: March 4, 1963.
Confirmed Format(s): LP record (T-1871 & ST-1871), Open-Reel Tape (2-Track Stereo & 4-Track (# N/A,)) 8-Track Tape Cartridge, CD (# N/A.) This album has also probably been released Tape Cassette format.

Last revised:March 30, 2006.

Capitol T/ST-1871

#16 (N/A)
Capitol #N/A

Reverend Mr. Black * Road To Freedom * River Run Down * Big Ball In Boston * One More Round * Old Joe Hannah * Run The Ridges * Try To Remember * Mark Twain * Low Bridge * Ballad Of the Quiet Fighter * La Bamba



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