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Capitol T/ST-2011
Honest songs have always left a mark in their particular era. For songs springing from real emotion will forever ring true and therefore find meaning with each new generation. ** These twelve songs have moved us -- individually and as a group --far beyond their mere listening enjoyment. ** It is, however, not our intention with this album to try to become a voice for this generation, but simply to present these songs to you. ** Listen, think; for indeed it is time to think!

-- The Kingston Trio

Patriot Game 2:50 BMI

Coal Tattoo 2:32 ASCAP

Hobo's Lullaby 3:08 BMI

Seasons In The Sun 2:27 ASCAP

These Seven Men 2:27 BMI

Ally Ally Oxen Free 2:02 ASCAP


Deportee 3:32 BMI

No One To Talk My Troubles To 2:25 BMI

If You Don’t Look Around 2:50 BMI

Turn Around 2:38 ASCAP

Song For A Friend 2:35 BMI
Written Nov. 22, 1963, Recorded Nov. 25, 1963

Last Night I Had
The Strangest Dream 2:08 ASCAP




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