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Needs a Melody


The Secret of Longines Symphonette
"Living Sound" Gold Medal Recordings --
made with such meticulous care . . . they can be backed by our exclusive 3-year guarantee. *

image 1 In the Studio, original tape masters are recorded on superb 4-track Ampex stereo tape (only 2 tracks are made for conventional stereo recordings). Super strength mylar based tapes are used . . . racing past the recording heads at a full speed of 30 inches a second . . . to eliminate the slightest possibility of distortion (most commercial recordings are made at only 7 1/2 or 15 inched per second.
image 2 Complete RE-MIXING of the master tapes is done by producers, directors, and engineers after the recording "Session" (during recording the staff concentrates on artistic perfection of the performances -- perfect technique is demanded of the VIRTUOSO musicians of the Longines Symphonette). Now, the demand is for ideal balance so each instrument -- complete sections -- will be heard with transparent clarity and rich beauty. The 4-tracks of the original tape are next combined into the 2-tracks needed for the stereo master disc.
image 3The "master" is cut on a specially prepared, super smooth and mirror finished acetate blank. A Scully Lathe (embedded in a massive concrete base to prevent vibration) embosses the groves. The cutting needle itself is gently heated by a tiny thermostatically controlled electronic element . . . to allow the cutter to slice through the acetate like "a knife through butter . . . engraving the perfect delicacy of every note. Grooves are constantly examined under a powerful microscope as the master is made. Mastering is done under the most controlled laboratory conditions . . . all traces of dust and dirt must be eliminated from the "Master Room" . . . and of course, no smoke is allowed to adulterate the air!
image 4Now the master is gently submerged in electro-chemical plating tanks. Here, it is plated with a "skin" of copper metal -- then a second coating -- and finally a third. The end result of this complex process is a metal "stamper" or mold from which the actual pressings are made. Chemicals used in these baths are cinstantly filtered and temperature controlled by extremely precise automatic monitoring equipment.
image 6Pressing is completed as the Longines Symphonette's special purest vinyl compound is subjected to a searing 320 degree of heat -- under a pressure of 240,000 pounds. The pressing compound is conformed to the perfect impression of the metal mold. Now the edges are trimmed for smoothness (another tiny detail in which we take great pride -- see the difference for yourself by comparing the edges of an ordinary record with those of Longenes Symphonette pressings!).
image 5Then, each record is hand inspected as it is slipped into its own sleeve. Longenes Symphonette records are fully protected every step of the way! It does cost more to produce our recordings in this way, but because they are shipped DIRECT FROM THE FACTORY TO YOU, YOU ARE ALWAYS ASSURED OF A PERFECT PRODUCT.

Ordinary pressings are made in several grades. Longines Symphonette Gold Medal recordings are pressed in one grade only -- the finest! Only purest virgin vinyl is used in our manufacturing -- and we unconditionally guarantee every Longines Symphonette record to be free from original manufacturing defects of any kind. To the very best of our knowledge, you cannot buy a better quality pressing material REGARDLESS OF THE COST YOU PAY. BUT BECAUSE OF OUR UNIQUE METHOD OF DISTRIBUTION LONGENES SYMPHONETTE TREASURES CAN BE PRODUCED IN HUGE QUANTITIES, SHIPPED IN SETS (as they are originally packed in the factory) -- and sent directly to you. The savings achieved by this modern, most convenient plan allows us to offer you the world's finest music -- at lowest possible prices -- and at savings of as much as 50% of what you might ordinarily expect to pay for such fine recordings IF they were available in record stores.


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Last revised:March 30, 2006.