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Looking for the Sunshine

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(Xeres Records S CH 1-10006)
LABEL: Xeres Records
  LP 4-Trk 8-Trk R to R Cass. CD
CATALOGUE #: S CH 1-10006 -- -- -- ?? --
SESSION DATE(S): Session date information is not available at this time.
DATE OF FIRST RELEASE / THIS RELEASE: (c)(p) 1983 (LP) / 1983 (LP)
The following page is a recreation of the liner notes and album art as was presented on the back of the album jacket for the Kingston Trio LP album, LOOKING FOR THE SUNSHINE


Stan Kaess
Electric Bass
Tom Green
Drums, Percussion
Ben Schubert
Tenor Guitar, Electric Viola, Banjo

SIDE I Looking For the Sunshine * Hawaiian Nights * I Like To Hear the Rain * Big Ship Glory * Sometimes Love Is Better When It's Gone * I'm A Rake and Ramblin Boy *
The Worlds Needs A Melody * The Long Black Veil * Will You Love Me If I Don't Do Coke? * Cortelia Clark * A Rolling Stone * Easy to Arrange *

My kids have a saying when they hear a new song that really moves them: "This song makes me shake my butt like Bob Shane." When we first heard this album, they nearly knocked the house off it's foundation. The answer to this kind of behavior is so simple, yet, most singing groups never get close. We here in this album the total commitment of these three "madmen" to sing their hearts out together. This is what we hear and love. It's been so long since I've heard that. I just want to thank Bobby for remembering. Thank you, Roger and George, for letting the past emerge into this.

Signed: Nick Reynolds (Closest Trio Fan)
Kids Who Shake Butts: Jenny -- age 9, Anny Clancy -- age 4, John Pike -- age 19 mos.

Executive Producers: NICK and JANE HEYL -- Producer: MIKE SETTLE
Art Director * Photos: ROSS MEURER

Design Graphics * Air Brush: Betsy and Rudy Sittler * Recorded at Wizard Studio, Hollyeood, Cal., and at Eddy Offord Studio, Atlanta, Georgia * Security: Hirshel the Dog * Autoharp and Harmonica: John Sebastian * Piano "Looking For The Sunshine" Mike Settle * Vocal harmony "I Like To Hear The Rain" Jane Watson * Synthesizer "Hawaiian Nights" Brian Mann * Ukulele "Hawaiian Nights" Wilkins Hy Ching * Piano "The Worlds Needs A Melody" David Benoit * String Arr. "Cortelia Clark" George Grove * String Arr. " I Like To Hear the Rain" Mike Settle * Producer "Will You Love Me If I Do Coke?" Nick Heyl *

With Special Thanks to: Jimmy Rogers * Tom Rivers * Mike Heyl * Ward Nixon * Nancy Gray * Larry Ramos * Sherry Rhodes

(c) (p) 1983 S CH 1-10006 Xeres Records, a Division of Chnito Productions, Box 727, Norwich, Vermont 05055
WARNING: Unauthorized reproduction of this record is prohibited by federal law and subject to criminal prosecution


Papa K's input:

The forth generation Trio (1976 - 1986) released 3 albums during this period: Aspen Gold (1981,) 25 Years Non-Stop (1982,) and Looking for the Sunshine (1983.) Of the three, I believe Looking for the Sunshine to be the most noteworthy as it offers the greatest amount of previously unavailable material.

On a personal note, Looking for the Sunshine, was one of the Trio albums that fell through the cracks for me. Until recently (1999,) a well worn cassette copy of Aspen Gold was the only album from this period in my collection. Thanks to ebay, the on-line auction, I have managed to acquire all three . . .

* * *

. . . then I found out that Looking for the Sunshine is available directly from George Grove (While supplies last.) And more recently, kingstontrio.com 'official' Kingston Trio website (2000.) Just my luck!

Jerry (kgerald)


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