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Capitol T/ST-2280 / SM-2280
LABEL: Capitol Record Company
  LP 4-Trk 8-Trk R to R Cass. CD
FORMAT(S) RELEASED: Yes Yes ? ? ? No
CATALOGUE #: T/ST-2280 V2T 2380 ? ? ? N/A
DATE OF FIRST RELEASE / THIS RELEASE: March 1, 1965 (LP) / March 1, 1965 (LP)
The following page is a recreation of the liner notes and album art as was presented on the back of the Kingston Trio's first album, THE BEST OF THE KINGSTON TRIO.


1. Reverand Mr. Black 1. Blowin' in the Wind
2. Ally Aally Oxen Free 2. Desert Pete
3. Coplas 3. Ballad of the Shape of Things
4. Seasuns In the Sun 4. Across the Wide Missouri
5. Greenback Dollar 5. Reuben James


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